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Products PIXIE CREW and Pixelbags brands are new on our the global market, offering creative bags, school bags, pencil cases, mobile phone cases and tablet cases for laptops, but also women's cosmetic bags or purses.

Everyone can use their creativity to create a unique design

This new feature allows your thoughts, ideas and fantasies to transfer to functional products for daily use, using tiny coloured “pixel points” that are attached to silicone board like Lego cubes. It depends only on the author’s imagination and like other creative building kits, Pixelbags and PIXIE CREW products give you the opportunity to disassemble the picture in order to create a new one when you get tired of it.

Creativity + quality

If you are considering buying your children unusual school backpack, the backpack must be first and foremost made of the best quality, comfortable and properly equipped and shall satisfy the needs of both young and older students. But that's not all by, the design is what you notice first therefore one of the main selection criteria of choosing backpack.

You don’t have to think about this problem with backpacks Pixelbags and PIXIECREW, because your child can simply create his/her own design they like. Boys can design their favourite Minecraft character or girls Hello Kitty. When they grow up and start doing sport they can design their favourite sports team picture on their backpack.

Each product has a silicone board where front part has pints sticking out to attach our pixel points. The silicone that is used is of the highest quality, with certificates sanitary silicone. The attachment method gives you an opportunity to create your own design on any of our product for every day use. The amount and size of the pixel points allows you to create even very complicated faces, such as Mona Lisa. We offer 24 different colours of pixel points, neon, pastel and other colours that allow you to be as creative as you want to be.

Bring your creativity to everyday life

Pixelbags and PIXIE CREW products are a great teaching aid that supports a child's imagination, creativity and helps develop fine motor skills and is an aid in the treatment of speech defects.

Pixelbags and PIXIE CREW products are a good fun for the whole family

Designing images on our products may not only be in the form of individual entertainment, but it can easily become a fun for the whole family. Why not have fun during long winter evenings and not organise a contest for the most interesting picture? Play Tic Tac Toe on your bag, take it on holiday with you, let your child play while driving to school, teach him letters and numbers, develop their imagination, then remove them from the computer for a while.

Our backpacks grow with your child and you no longer have to worry about the design that they would not like anymore. In addition, if you buy this product as a gift, you can design a picture for them before giving it to them and the gift will have your own design.

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