NBA One large backpack B0024-6

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The NBA One backpack is a lightweight original bag classified as a school and student bag Full description...

Description of item/s

The X- Games Cube large backpack is a lightweight four-chamber original bag that is designed especially as a school or student bag.

NBA One school backpack product description

  • polyester material
  • colour: blue with a black NBA One design
  • The student backpack can hold tablets and laptops of dimension up to 15"
  • dimensions (W x H x D) 36 x 48 x 19 cm
  • weight 1000 g
  • volume 30 litres


NBA One school backpack product specifications

  • a four-chambered student backpack designed for A4 format.
  • 2 net side pockets
  • ergonomically shaped rear air system
  • adjustable, padded shoulder straps
  • padded handle
  • compartment for tablets and laptops with dimension up to 15"
  • made of resistant polyester
  • the bottom of the school bag is made of reinforced material


Brief description of the X - Games Cube school backpack

The NBA One B0024-6  is an ideal school and student backpack for boys. The bag, with its dimensions, capacity, and features easily fulfills the requirements of a school bag for primary school.  Four large chambers and a separate compartment for tablets and laptops with dimensions up to 15" places it among the most sought after student bags.

There are two net side pockets which are useful for drinks or snacks. The large rear compartment is suitable for any A4 format student needs and has a compartment for a tablet or laptop. The second compartment is sufficiently spacious to hold all A4 format materials. The third compartment serves as a place to carry pencil cases, other school equipment and snacks.

The backpack is equipped with an ergonomically shaped rear air system which allows for free air flow while supporting the healthy development of the spine. The bag straps are padded and sufficiently wide at 7,5 cm. 

The bottom is made of reinforced material and the whole bag is made of quality polyester. The bag is equipped with a padded handle.

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