Creative pixelated mini bag PIXIE CREW KAKI PXA-08

Creative pixelated mini bag PIXIE CREW KAKI PXA-08Creative pixelated mini bag PIXIE CREW KAKI PXA-08Creative pixelated mini bag PIXIE CREW KAKI PXA-08Creative pixelated mini bag PIXIE CREW KAKI PXA-08

Description of item/s

This pixelated universal bag is an original accessory for girls, women, boys or men. It's a practical bag for carrying everyday items. The front section of the bag covered with a silicone board with raised pixel points onto which coloured pixel pieces can be attached to create your own unique look to your mini bag.

PIXIE CREW pixelated mini bag product information

  • material neoprene and silicone
  • dimensions (W x H x D) 11 x 15 x 2.3 cm
  • weight 69 g
  • silicone board dimensions 13 x 19 pixels
  • total number of useable pixels on the silicone board 227
  • pixel size S (small)
  • number of pixels included in the price of the bag approx. 100 pieces (colour mix)
  • there are 24 pixel piece colours available for additional purchase 
  • there is a mini catalogue with design suggestions included in this purchase

Pixelbags pixelated mini bag product specifications

  • practical creative pixelated small bag
  • easy-to-use, comfortable, strong
  • made of neoprene and silicone
  • suitable for everyday use
  • spacious enough for keys, mobile, camera or money
  • suitable as a hand-held bag

Detailed description of the creative mini bag by PIXIE CREW

Thanks to the possibility of creating any design or colour scheme on the pixelated panel, this PIXIE CREW bag is suitable for both girls and boys alike. 

It is extremely lightweight and spacious enough for a mobile phone, camera, credit cards, money or keys. The bag is suitable as a creative purse for holding small change for snacks and such-like.

This practical and stylish bag for boys and girls is designed for evedryday use is also fitted with a patented silicone board for 13 x19 pixel points. This provides you with 227 positions for your own ideas. The bag is sealed with zip.

Every purchase comes with a pack of approx. 100 small pixels. There are 24 colours of pixels available for additional purchase. 

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